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                Instrument Center

                LineGene 9600 Plus

                Line-Gene 9600 Plus adopts Ferrotec specially-made Peltier, advanced fiber optic technology, new global wide-range power supply, the unique patented block dissipation technology and bottom detection mode, which provides better heating/cooling rate, temperature accuracy, uniformity and stability. Line-Gene 9600 Plus has up to 96 sample capacity and fast speed of dual-color scanning, and the design of 5 channel detection also covers the whole fluorescence detection wavelength.Newly-designed automatic hot-lid without manual operation ensures constant pressure for various tube heights. This auto hot-lid mode could be easily integrated into various automatic systems. Its Windows tablet computer and new touch screen brings excellent operating experience.Newly-improved Line-Gene 9600 Plus Real-Time PCR detection system can satisfy various clients' requirement either for research or clinical use.

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                 Product name

                 LineGene 9600 Plus Fluorescent Quantitative Detection System

                 Product model


                 Sample Capacity

                 96x0.2ml PCR plate, 12x 8-strip tubes, 96 x0.2ml single tube (transparent bottom)

                 Reaction system


                 Dynamic range


                 Detection path







                 Suitable dye

                 FAM, SYBR  Green I





                 reserved path

                 Excitation wavelength


                 Detection wavelength


                 Module working temperature  range

                 4-105C (resolution: 0.14℃) with SOAK low temperature storage function

                 Temperature control precision


                 Temperature uniformity


                 Hot lid temperature range

                 30-110℃ (adjustable, default by 105℃ and automatic hot lid)

                 Temperature control mode

                 Block Mode and Tube Mode (automatic control based on liquid level)

                 Operation mode

                 Continuous operation

                 Gradient temperature range


                 Fluorescence intense detection repetition


                 Scanning mode

                 Full-plate scanning and designated line scanning

                 Scanning time


                 Special function

                 Absolute quantitative automatic analysis, relative quantitative, 5NP analysis, melting Curve analysis, 6 independent temperature 7ones, HRM, Multi-channel| crosstalk calibration, background correction, auto gain, customizable parameters,.etc.


                 Max.20 segments for each program, max.99 cycles

                 Operating system

                 Microsoft: Windows 7/Windows 8.1/Windows 10

                 application software: Excel 200:2002/2003/2007/2012

                 Minimum computer configuration

                 RAM: 512M. hardware space: 10GB CPU: Pentium 4 virtual memory: ≥1000MB

                 Port method

                 Support USB and R5232 data port and Bluetooth port

                 Input power

                 100-240v, 50/60Hz. 600W

                 Outer dimension



                 Ferratec Peltier/CE/EMC/RoHS2.0/PICC Product Quality Liability Insurance/VD/MET

                LineGene 9600 Plus Brochure

                LineGene 9600 Plus Manual

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